Make An Appointment

Make Appointment

To schedule your appointment, please call (509) 484-4591 between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. After business hours, you may leave a message which will be answered the next business day. Please have your health insurance information handy when you call. This is found on your health insurance identification card. To prepare for your appointment, print the patient forms found on this site, and bring the completed forms with you to your appointment. Arriving 15 minutes before your appointment time will allow for a smooth check-in. We make it a priority to run on schedule, and we want to respect everyone’s time.

For cancellations or to reschedule, 24 hour notice is appreciated. Call or email at

Appointments: (509) 484-4591

Pay a Bill

Dermatology Bill Payments

Accuracy and transparency in billing is our standard. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide us with correct health insurance information and to understand the terms of coverage. If you have questions about your bill, or general questions about terms such as “deductible,” “copay,” or “allowable charge,” please call us. Our bookkeepers will be happy to help you. To pay by phone, call (509) 484-4591. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Payment of your copay and for non-covered services is appreciated at the time of service. Please come prepared to meet your responsibility or call ahead to make payment arrangements.

Patient Forms

You can fill out these forms and then print them out and bring them to us in the office.